Tuesday, March 15, 2011

M6 Screw Dimensions Vesa

climbs relentlessly through my legs, as if they were
smooth climbs.
twists the soul within
and confuses the heart.
- rapiscimi
rapiscimi inside the body, because the passion
know good tonight, tomorrow morning ...
if you'll be there,
if I will survive -
and took him inside me, the breath
I eat,
him crumpled in the dark corners of the mind.
escape is impossible because
has the flavor of the moon in the sky
of silvery threads that bind us,
substances changing
exchange of bodies,
bite me bite me in the soul, because
hours they were running slower tonight, tomorrow morning ...
if you're with me, if I will survive
- stride piano
the wind among the branches
and the city already dozing around.
watch from the balcony invisible mazes,
and lose myself in the succession of moments.
terrified stretch out your arms stretch out
the illusion that you
to toe.
- schiacciami
my bones tingle and feel blessed, because this lack of
you is like a small death
and I enlarge my arms more and more
to his touch ...


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